AFH Podcast with Daniel Goleman: Altered Traits - The Science of Meditation

September 9, 2017

What an honour it was to podcast with Daniel.  His knowledge on the brain, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness is second to none and he is just as wonderful in person as we could have hoped. His latest book, The Science of Meditation (or Altered Traits, as it will be known in the US) is released world-wide today, 5th September and we are proud to present our conversation Podcast with him.  This is the first episode on our new Podcast page and we would love your support and a 'follow' on the Podbean page. 

The Science of Meditation (UK) and Altered Traits (US) can be purcahsed via Daniels website where you find out about events and talks:http://www.danielgoleman.info

For the audiobook, go to https://morethansound.net/shop/altered-traits-science-reveals-meditation-mind-brain-body/

Enjoy the Podcast,

Gui and Anh - Actionforhapppiness.org

Time stamps: 6:46 Calming reactive emotions, gang culture and Mindfulness. 8:20 The different levels of Meditation. 11:50 The misconceptions of Mindfulness. 15:35 The Amygdala, what is it? 20:20 What is an Altered Trait and is it similar to 'waking up'? 22:55 Mc Mindfulness and technology. 24:53 The DEEP aspects of Mindfulness, the self is an illusion. 31:00 Is Mindfulness the foundation of Emotional Intelligence? 24:00 The concerns of social media. 37:36 What matters most in life?