Podcast 20: The Awakening of Gaia -David Al-Badri :

May 15, 2014

When Graham Hancock shares your video on his Facebook page,  you’ve produced something pretty amazing.  David Al-Badri’s online video has been viewed by more than 15k people and he joins us for our 20th show.  This is a mini milestone for us and having David be a part of it was special.  

His insight and knowledge made it one of the most enjoyable Podcast I have recorded.  It was Fran who introduced me to the Awakening of Gaia video and former guest Neil (Grand Turismo Academy Podcast) describes it as the best video he has ever seen.   To explain what the video is about is quite tricky, but if watched with the right mind-set, can help to expand your mind and see things in a very different and amazing way. 

 We discuss religion and what it means to be a Pantheist. I describe it as everything in this vast Universe is connected and that everything in it is Divine. All one God.  

Listen in and open your mind