How ‘I think, therefore I am’ prepared me for Mindfulness

September 23, 2018
We often hear about the benefits of mindfulness but we rarely hear any talk about the deepest aspects that mindfulness can help to reveal such as why are we here? what is our purpose, what is happiness? what are we? What if you were being tricked by an evil demon and everyday you woke up believing you were living on earth, doing earthly things, but in-fact this was an illusion and you were just a brain in a jar, plugged into the 'matrix' - how differently would you live your life?
What if Mindfulness could show you that the image of your self and your ego is an illusion, what if mindfulness could help answer some of the biggest and most profound questions that the philosophers have forever been debating. We discuss this on the podcast and have a really fun introspective conversation about our experiences. 
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