Podcast 17: A taste of Hawaii, Journalist and Nutritionist Sofia Wilt,

March 27, 2014

Whilst on my honey moon in Hawaii, I picked up a local Newspaper and read a great article that about grass fed vs corn fed beef.  This is a subject that I am really immersing myself into recently and my reaction was to reach out to the author and ask if they would like to join me in discussing this in more detail over a podcast.  Sofia Wilt very kindly accepted. 

Sofia has lived on the Big Island for over 20 years and started out working as a park ranger at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, has been a 911 dispatcher for Hawaii county, has a degree from the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC, a bachelors in Environmental Sciences, has worked as a personal chef for over 12 years and is basically a food/health/nutrition geek playing in her kitchen finding new yummy ways to stay healthy and well nourished.