Podcast 24: Mindfulness and the purpose of life -Actualized.org

August 6, 2014

One of the subjects that has reshaped the RenaissancePodcast direction is Mindfulness.   I thought I knew what this word meant, and you probably do too, but it wasn’t until Co-host Anh Nguyen sent me Leo’s short 14 min video (below) that I had that big Eureka moment and started to see that I had these new tools that I could use when things are a bit tough...and just as importantly tools I now use to be happier. With over 1.5 million youtube views, Leo's ability to explain tough 'down the rabbit hole' type subjects is remarkable.   

After months of emailing and waiting patiently, Leo finally joins the Renaissance team and explains how his journey has led him to helping others find their purpose in life.  This podcast begins with the concepts and benefits of working on the mind and the sense of self, but we get into depths of advanced mindfulness.