Podcast 10: Anh and Jay-first intro to mindfulness

July 7, 2013

Podcast 10 -AC MAINZ represent - 40 MORE HITS NEEDED TO HIT OUR FIRST 1000 HIT GOAL!  Anh kicks off talks:Natural selection, evolution -what shapes our genetic makeup and physical appearance.  The brain is a muscle - cab drivers develop a stronger special awareness and the brain develops as such.  Just by telling someone they will soon have a spike in their productivity and will be more successful, is inspiration enough to make it a reality - The brain always tries to find ways to help us achieve our goals.

Introducing old family member and J‘s good friend ‘Infamous D’  and giving some insight into his music and beat making career and the recent progression of his younger brothers music. Our aim to hit 1000 hits is almost a reality and the next mile stone is 5000.  Hopefully we can achieve this in 2013.