Podcast 21: Total Philosophy - Youtube video makers

May 26, 2014

If you have never really understood what Philosophy is and how it could positively impact your life in a very real way, then I would recommend sticking with this episode to the end. We are joined by Total Philosophy creator, whos online videos have been viewed more than 50k times.  His style of taking very complex philosophical ideas and animating them in a very simple and easy to understand way is what caught my attention. 

We discuss Descartes ‘I think therefore I am’ statement and why it is so significant.  The words of Descartes have been the back bone of so much of my thinking since it was first introduced to me by fellow co-host Anh 15 years ago.

Listen in as Philip shares his story of how he was introduced to Philosophy and also about his recent interview with Philosopher Richard Swinburne, an influential proponent of philosophical arguments for the existence of God.

Its about asking the questions and having the debate

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