August 30, 2014

Former guest and Hawaii resident, Sofia wilt co-hosts this episode on a subject very close to her heart (and health).  Following the aftermath of Storm Iselle, Sofia along with many other Hawaiian residents were exposed to poisonous gasses, released from the local and controversial PGV Geothermal Power Plant.  Trapped due to trees and debris on the roads, residents were left without help and without guidance.  To add insult to injury, the government has played this down and the jury is still out on what will happen to the power plant. 

 Joining Sofia and I on the podcast are Tom Travis and Bob Petricci.

Tom has spent a life time in service, and served as Commander, Submarine Squadron 11, Deputy Commander for the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CGN 71) Battle Group, director of the Navy’s experimentation program, and submarine commanding officer aboard USS New York City.  Tom now works as a National Security Officer

 Bob Petricci heads up the Puna Pono Alliance that support environmentally safe, culturally sensitive, economically viable, and sustainable energy alternatives for Hawai`i County.  His understanding of the geothermal history in Hawaii is shared with us on the podcast and his work for protecting its citizens is great.  Check out his website where you can learn more about the work Bob is doing but it is also a forum for residents to upload their own stories of how they were affected.  http://bobpetricci.com/geo/index.php/pgv-incident

Check out this video from the bigIslandvideonews.com as this gives a great summary of what happened and how the locals feel about it.

Listen in as we get into what Geothermal Energy is, its shady history in Hawaii and we try to understand how and why this disaster took place and why alternative energy methods such as Solar are being ignored and muffled.  Questions as to why the government is downplaying this are asked and we discuss what can be done and what the next steps are.

If you want to share your personal experience, voice your opinion or show your support, you can visit Bobs site http://bobpetricci.com/geo/index.php/pgv-incident where you email him directly.   Message me too and I can forward all communications.