Podcast 34 : Dealing with death

February 7, 2015

Losing a loved one is a very tricky thing to deal with.  Team Renaissance are in the house to talk about dealing with death.  My granddad passed away last week and we discuss the difficulties of trying to find happiness and mindfulness during these stressful times. The daily meditations that I was becoming so used to doing were almost impossible to do once I found out my Pappy had passed.   This has only encouraged me further to improve my mediation abilities, especially to prepare me for these extreme situations.   As we talk about death, we also play some of Sam Harris' video on this subject and we also play some of Steve Job's Commencement 2005 speech where he too touches on the subject of death and life.  ''If you live each day as if it were your last, some day you'll be right''  Turn death into a motivator and a driver to exceed in life. 

Listen to the media player above for the full episode and also take a look at the videos below for amazing inspiration.