PODCAST 38: Floatation tank / isolation tank - Team Renaissance visit Floatworks

May 4, 2015

Team Renaissance return to Floatworks in Canary Wharf for our second visit. My first visit dates back to 2013 and was a very relaxing and pleasant experience.  I have now been meditating for 4 months and my goal this time was to purely focus on the breath and see if I could repeat my daily 20 min practice for a full hour in the confines of an Isolation tank.  

The Isolation tank (or floatation tank, or the Sensory deprivation tank) is a fantastic tool to create an environment that you can find nowhere else in the world.  The water level is about knee high and is set to body temperature so that after 10 mins, you lose the sense of where your skin ends and where the water begins.  The water is full of about 1000 lbs of Epson salts, allowing the body to float. There is no sound, no light, no smell - no distractions. 

Although this was my second experience, I was still slightly nervous about spending a whole hour with my mind.  I first found about the tanks on Joe Rogan's podcast and have to credit him for this great journey.  

Anh and I reflect on the podcast on our experiences of that day, from his 'almost' mini anxiety attack and my battle with the silicon ear buds (to keep out the salt water) that I struggled with.  We talk about about the spiritual side of spending quality time with the mind and have a fantastic conversation about the positive take aways.

We introduce listeners through a 30 second mediation to show how easy it is, and also to highlight that just sitting silently is not meditation.  We also discuss the benefits of continued meditation that is so powerful that it is something Anh and I do everyday.  For all this and more, click on the media player above, or download the podcast episode in iTunes.