Podcast 41 Keiran Keddle - Double K Gym

May 28, 2015

Podcast 40 with former world Mauy Thai Champion Kieran Keddle


Double K’s Keiran Keddle joins the podcast to talk about the biggest show in Muay Thai to hit London.  June 20th will set the stage for the inaugural Muay Thai Grand Prix  Featuring the best of British:


Check out the podcast to hear us talk about:


-Kieran’s amazing career that begun at the age of 12

-Being world champion multiple times

-Kieran’s life in Thailand to becoming one of the top coaches

-How the relationship began with Team Tieu and Simon Jays

-We talk about the upcoming ‘Revenge and Repeat’ fights on June 20th

 -4 years on, the repeat match between Sallah Kalifa and Josh Turnbull

-The revenge match between Annabelle and

-The revenge match between Jamie Whelan and

-The rematch between David Tieu and Shaun Wieldman

-4 man, Full Thai rules tournament for the great £2k prize