Podcast 26: Best-selling Mindfulness author Danny Penman

Podcast 26: Best-selling Mindfulness author Danny Penman

September 4, 2014

Mindfulness- A practical guide to FINDING PEACE IN A FRANTIC WORLD

Dr Danny Penman is a feature writer for the Daily Mail, having formerly worked for the BBC, New Scientist and the Independent newspaper. He holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry and specialises in reporting on science, health, the environment, and animal welfare. He is a commentator on these issues for BBC Radio Four and Five and has made a number of documentaries for BBC One and Channel Four News.

This amazing book guides its readers through 8 weeks of mindfulness guidance based on the groundbreaking work that co-author Mark Williams has researched to an almost exact science.  Jon Kabat -Zinn inspires with a few words in the Foreword to this amazing book.  

 Danny shares his journey and we discuss the work Danny is doing now for the mindfulness movement and also his amazing work against animal cruelty.

In 2009 and in 2011 Danny won the Humane Society of the United States Brigitte Bardot International Print Journalism award for his investigations into animal welfare abuses around the world. The award was presented in front of an invited Hollywood audience that included Ellen DeGeneres and the stars of CSI Las Vegas, Bones, and the film 'W'.

In 2011 he won the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) 'Special Investigation Award'.

10% of People in the westernised world this year will become clinically depressed and Mindfulness is now a serious contender in helping to reduce this figure.  Help spread the word



August 30, 2014

Former guest and Hawaii resident, Sofia wilt co-hosts this episode on a subject very close to her heart (and health).  Following the aftermath of Storm Iselle, Sofia along with many other Hawaiian residents were exposed to poisonous gasses, released from the local and controversial PGV Geothermal Power Plant.  Trapped due to trees and debris on the roads, residents were left without help and without guidance.  To add insult to injury, the government has played this down and the jury is still out on what will happen to the power plant. 

 Joining Sofia and I on the podcast are Tom Travis and Bob Petricci.

Tom has spent a life time in service, and served as Commander, Submarine Squadron 11, Deputy Commander for the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CGN 71) Battle Group, director of the Navy’s experimentation program, and submarine commanding officer aboard USS New York City.  Tom now works as a National Security Officer

 Bob Petricci heads up the Puna Pono Alliance that support environmentally safe, culturally sensitive, economically viable, and sustainable energy alternatives for Hawai`i County.  His understanding of the geothermal history in Hawaii is shared with us on the podcast and his work for protecting its citizens is great.  Check out his website where you can learn more about the work Bob is doing but it is also a forum for residents to upload their own stories of how they were affected.  http://bobpetricci.com/geo/index.php/pgv-incident

Check out this video from the bigIslandvideonews.com as this gives a great summary of what happened and how the locals feel about it.

Listen in as we get into what Geothermal Energy is, its shady history in Hawaii and we try to understand how and why this disaster took place and why alternative energy methods such as Solar are being ignored and muffled.  Questions as to why the government is downplaying this are asked and we discuss what can be done and what the next steps are.

If you want to share your personal experience, voice your opinion or show your support, you can visit Bobs site http://bobpetricci.com/geo/index.php/pgv-incident where you email him directly.   Message me too and I can forward all communications. 

Podcast 24: Mindfulness and the purpose of life -Actualized.org

Podcast 24: Mindfulness and the purpose of life -Actualized.org

August 6, 2014

One of the subjects that has reshaped the RenaissancePodcast direction is Mindfulness.   I thought I knew what this word meant, and you probably do too, but it wasn’t until Co-host Anh Nguyen sent me Leo’s short 14 min video (below) that I had that big Eureka moment and started to see that I had these new tools that I could use when things are a bit tough...and just as importantly tools I now use to be happier. With over 1.5 million youtube views, Leo's ability to explain tough 'down the rabbit hole' type subjects is remarkable.   

After months of emailing and waiting patiently, Leo finally joins the Renaissance team and explains how his journey has led him to helping others find their purpose in life.  This podcast begins with the concepts and benefits of working on the mind and the sense of self, but we get into depths of advanced mindfulness.

Podcast 23: Mindfulness MBA Project

Podcast 23: Mindfulness MBA Project

July 2, 2014

During a Q&A session with Jon Kabbat-Zinn (one of the leading figures in spreading Mindfulness) he suggested that we reach out to the MBA project to get a better understanding of how Mindfulness based techniques are being used to help troubled youth.   A year on, we have two of the most significant members of the Mind Body Awareness project and two truly enlightening guests on the podcast.

I cannot stress how important Mindfulness has become in my life and how it has increased my happiness significantly just by having tools I can use in times of negative thought.  If you haven't heard about it before, try sticking through to the end on this one.  

Podcast 22: Master Ayahuasca and Cannabis Shaman - Hamilton Souther

Podcast 22: Master Ayahuasca and Cannabis Shaman - Hamilton Souther

June 9, 2014

Co-host Jay and I are blown away by this podcast with Hamilton.  If you are unfamiliar with Ayahuasca, I would highly recommend doing some research on it as this spiritual and medicinal plant is doing wonders for those that try it. The Wikipedia definition is quite good, but Hamilton really breaks it down simply and melodically on this Podcast.  In order to experience Ayahuasca in the correct way, it really needs to take place in the Amazon where Hamilton has lived and worked for over a decade.

It is a growing phenomenon that has existed in Amazonian cultures for a very long time and Hamilton is one of the leading western figures in spreading the awareness. 
Icaros chants: 41mins 16 secs - Hamilton explains the purpse of the Icaros (invoking the spirits) and gives us a live Ayahuasca and Cannabis chant.
Shiwawaku:  48mins 51 secs - Amazing dance track produced by Hamilton (wait til the beats drops...) 
Alive: 1hr 25mins- Hip hop alternative to Shamanism - Shamanix, lyrics to chorus by Hamilton
For more info on Hamilton Souther, his tours and his music, visit Hamiltonsouther.org  
For more information on trying Ayahusca and becoming more involved, visit: 
bluemorpho tv.com

Podcast 21: Total Philosophy - Youtube video makers

Podcast 21: Total Philosophy - Youtube video makers

May 26, 2014

If you have never really understood what Philosophy is and how it could positively impact your life in a very real way, then I would recommend sticking with this episode to the end. We are joined by Total Philosophy creator, whos online videos have been viewed more than 50k times.  His style of taking very complex philosophical ideas and animating them in a very simple and easy to understand way is what caught my attention. 

We discuss Descartes ‘I think therefore I am’ statement and why it is so significant.  The words of Descartes have been the back bone of so much of my thinking since it was first introduced to me by fellow co-host Anh 15 years ago.

Listen in as Philip shares his story of how he was introduced to Philosophy and also about his recent interview with Philosopher Richard Swinburne, an influential proponent of philosophical arguments for the existence of God.

Its about asking the questions and having the debate

Check our 'Video and News' tab for the video

Podcast 20: The Awakening of Gaia -David Al-Badri :

Podcast 20: The Awakening of Gaia -David Al-Badri :

May 15, 2014

When Graham Hancock shares your video on his Facebook page,  you’ve produced something pretty amazing.  David Al-Badri’s online video has been viewed by more than 15k people and he joins us for our 20th show.  This is a mini milestone for us and having David be a part of it was special.  

His insight and knowledge made it one of the most enjoyable Podcast I have recorded.  It was Fran who introduced me to the Awakening of Gaia video and former guest Neil (Grand Turismo Academy Podcast) describes it as the best video he has ever seen.   To explain what the video is about is quite tricky, but if watched with the right mind-set, can help to expand your mind and see things in a very different and amazing way. 

 We discuss religion and what it means to be a Pantheist. I describe it as everything in this vast Universe is connected and that everything in it is Divine. All one God.  

Listen in and open your mind

Podcast 19: Nutritionist, Journalist and great Chef, Sofia Wilt

Podcast 19: Nutritionist, Journalist and great Chef, Sofia Wilt

May 13, 2014

How many times per day, or even week do you see something online that blows you away.  These paradigm shifting videos and stories we see are wasted unless we do something with them.  What exactly I’m not too sure, but talking about some of them on a Podcast seems like a great way to start.  Sofia joins us for a second sitting and what a treat it was. Listen in as Sofia and I talk Fukishima- what are the effects of a nuclear plant leaking out into the ocean?

I commit to one month of Yoga.  I have never tried it before and I am finally giving in.  I’ll keep a log of what I do and how it feels.  I believe in it.  I also believe that the breathing element is extremely important in Yoga, so ill combine it all together and hopefully will have some good things to say about it. 

If you want to try out Yoga and see how it changes the way you feel, Sofia has recommended the following videos:

1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvOBVb-15OA   - 20 min 

2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15B_Qv5ecbo   - 3 min 

Reach out to Sofia : sofia.wilt@facebook.com

Podcast 18: Ambassadors of Morocco -Lead singer Beni Pri

Podcast 18: Ambassadors of Morocco -Lead singer Beni Pri

April 24, 2014
Lead singer and guitarist Beni Pri joins the usual hosts at the Renaissance studios for podcast 18.  With youtube hits in excess of 100k, and a new single out on the 28th of April -Lost all interest-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lPD4rVEY4Y
We discuss the challenges of trying to make it in the UK music industry and advice on how to nurture a band: ' you are as good as your weakest link'
check out the links to more AOM songs:
Follow them on twitter : @Ambassadorsband
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Podcast 17: A taste of Hawaii, Journalist and Nutritionist Sofia Wilt,

Podcast 17: A taste of Hawaii, Journalist and Nutritionist Sofia Wilt,

March 27, 2014

Whilst on my honey moon in Hawaii, I picked up a local Newspaper and read a great article that about grass fed vs corn fed beef.  This is a subject that I am really immersing myself into recently and my reaction was to reach out to the author and ask if they would like to join me in discussing this in more detail over a podcast.  Sofia Wilt very kindly accepted. 

Sofia has lived on the Big Island for over 20 years and started out working as a park ranger at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, has been a 911 dispatcher for Hawaii county, has a degree from the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC, a bachelors in Environmental Sciences, has worked as a personal chef for over 12 years and is basically a food/health/nutrition geek playing in her kitchen finding new yummy ways to stay healthy and well nourished.

Podcast 16: Grand Turismo Academy finalist, Neil Williams

Podcast 16: Grand Turismo Academy finalist, Neil Williams

February 4, 2014

Gran Turismo? Wasn't that a game on the playstation you may be wondering. In a nutshell, yes. The PS3 is inevitably on its way out, making room for the next generation of gaming. But before you rush out and get your next gen console (if you haven't already done so) you may still find a little life in this ageing machine. GT Pushes the PS3 to its hardware capacities. For those that don't know the GT series, It has in recent years actually managed to produce professional real life racers out of bedroom gamers.(yup, you read that right...simulation to reality) Around 150k people entered in the UK alone. In this podcast G and I discuss the journey of our good friend Neil Williams, who joins us today sharing the experience of his time at the GT academy finals. How he prepared both physically and mentally. As well as the usual tangents here and there. 


Podcast 15: Head Muay Thai Coach, Philip Tieu and family in the studio

Podcast 15: Head Muay Thai Coach, Philip Tieu and family in the studio

January 28, 2014

''There is much to learn from he that knows success and imparts success on others'' - Going from a successful podcast with top fighters, we have one of the UK's top coaches Philip Tieu in the studio.  We dig a bit into the large range of martial arts that he learnt to help give him the edge when coaching his ever growing number of top ranked fighters in the UK. Dave Tieu and Fran are back and we get to know them more.Rich and Hui-Zee drop some knowledge in their quick fire question round and Q brings down his equipment and starts work on a few Muay Thai video documentaries. Im getting to grips with audacity, a free online audio mixing tool and this time around the music was added after the fact. Im feeling it.

Be inspired

Podcast 14: One year and it finally starts taking shape

Podcast 14: One year and it finally starts taking shape

January 3, 2014
We try a podcast with a guest from Belgium via Skype.  Joe talks to Fran and i about some global trends with particuar focus on China and its investments. this is one of the videos Joe recommends.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDVOP0lEECk  

What is Bitcoin and virtual currency. Does this peer to peer sharing have any legs for the future and can they compete with the global powers of the Banks.
In the last 25 years the media companies in the US went from 50 to a small but powerful 5. how crazy is this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TM8L7bdwVaA   50 news reporters saying the same damn thing on every channel.  check it out and comment below. do you think the Media is doing a good job at informing us about global events in an unbiased way? Channels like Vice online are leading the way in modern journalism and making news interesting and real news is being presented in a really fun and dynamic way. Instead of watching something that you normally watch on a day like today,  check out any video on this Vice video and let me know if it isnt an amasing way to educate yourself about whats really happening in the world.however this is one of my favourites http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D41rO7mL6zM.

Podcast 13: MTC Podcast with Muay Thai Team Tieu

Podcast 13: MTC Podcast with Muay Thai Team Tieu

November 29, 2013

 MTC PODCAST #1-TEAM TIEU The first in a series of podcasts where with the help of martial arts experts,we get an inside view from the fighters and those that live this life professionally of what it takes to reach the highest level. we will also be understanding a bit more about the phenomenon that is Team Tieu. 
Today we welcome David Tieu (ranked UK #6) and Matty Tieu (UK #1), Richard LeeMichael Pham MRQ prodcutions Quoc Nguyen of the infamous TT Muay thai camp, coming off the back of probably one of the best MTC Muay thai shows yet that took place on Nov 24th . My co host as usual is Fran.
We chill and discuss how Muay Thai was introduced into their lives by the 'Real deal Philip Tieu 'and how it has shaped everything they do. We get an insight into what the formula is to making it professionally. We also have a great time just chillaxing and discussing some of the fights from Sunday. 
If you have questions or want to know more, hola back

Podcast 12:  G and Fran with a plan

Podcast 12: G and Fran with a plan

November 7, 2013

We are going to diversify and branch off into different areas as far as this podcast is concerned and that is exciting stuff.  Today, Fran is back in the studio to talk the real sh*t.

We're getting back that momentum and hopefully will continue.  comment, cuss,like, but lets get the conversation going.
Podcast 11 - Fran/Jay -long delay

Podcast 11 - Fran/Jay -long delay

August 18, 2013

Sorry for the massive delay, but we didnt expect to hit the storage levels and site hits and its gonna cost us a bit more.  Anyways, no more to say but listen to the episode and support us.  We are mates with subjects that are important to us and we discuss them.  we are not experts but we do speak about important issues. Take the madness in Egypt at the moment. we feel our friends should be more aware to these subjects rather than what is fed to us through the bbc and other media.

Peace and rice
Podcast 10: Anh and Jay-first intro to mindfulness

Podcast 10: Anh and Jay-first intro to mindfulness

July 7, 2013

Podcast 10 -AC MAINZ represent - 40 MORE HITS NEEDED TO HIT OUR FIRST 1000 HIT GOAL!  Anh kicks off talks:Natural selection, evolution -what shapes our genetic makeup and physical appearance.  The brain is a muscle - cab drivers develop a stronger special awareness and the brain develops as such.  Just by telling someone they will soon have a spike in their productivity and will be more successful, is inspiration enough to make it a reality - The brain always tries to find ways to help us achieve our goals.

Introducing old family member and J‘s good friend ‘Infamous D’  and giving some insight into his music and beat making career and the recent progression of his younger brothers music. Our aim to hit 1000 hits is almost a reality and the next mile stone is 5000.  Hopefully we can achieve this in 2013.


Podcast 9- Back with Fran the man

Podcast 9- Back with Fran the man

June 10, 2013

(COMMENT BELOW MOFO’s)Spreading good news – Modern media is depressing and non factual. Our aim is to share our thoughts on stories that pull at our heart strings and have a meaning on our life. My story of the week: Sixto Díaz Rodríguez (also known as Rodríguez or as Jesús Rodríguez; born July 10, 1942) – produced two great albums in Detroit. Both albums flopped and he worked on constructions sites all his life. His amazing music however does amazingly well in South Africa and he is more famous than Elvis or the Beatles. Check out the film: searching for sugarman. Listen to sugarman here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyE9vFGKogs. His music played a massive part during apartheid and became the album to SA generation.

Right vs left brain: what is a whole brain thinker?

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johanson produced ‘the Whale’

Podcast 8-Woolwhich killings and the Perverted form of Islam

Podcast 8-Woolwhich killings and the Perverted form of Islam

May 29, 2013

Man what a tough week - Jay and Anh are back on the scene to discuss religion and its effects on modern society.   We ask the question 'what if there is no God' - all this killing in his name is meaningless.  it gets deep.

Brainwashing and Einstein's theory of relativity - the faster you travel, time slows down. what does that even mean? listen in

However, we are using my new blue yeti OMNIDIRECTIONAL mic and the sound quality is great.  The second half of the podcast we close the door and the sound is nice and crisp.

Throw up your questions and get involved in the debate.   lets get the creative juices flowing.

Podcast 7 - stepping up a gear

Podcast 7 - stepping up a gear

May 13, 2013

Such a great way to start the 2013 podcasts. Introducing Anh and Fran.  Two great friends that have shared awesome conversations with me over the past 10 years have finally come together to join me.  Listen in and enjoy as three friends talk about real issues and share stories that have played an important role in their personal development.  most informative podcast i have been involved with!

COMMENT BELOW - want to hear your feed back and questions

Meditiation- its uses in the office place and a t school

Check out :

Jon Kabat-Zinn (né Kabat) (born June 5, 1944) is Professor of Medicine Emeritus and founding director of the Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Kabat-Zinn was a student of Zen Master Seung Sahn and a founding member of Cambridge Zen Center. His practice of yoga and studies with Buddhist teachers led him to integrate their teachings with those of Western science. He teaches mindfulness meditation as a technique to help people cope with stress, anxiety, pain and illness. A stress reduction program created by Kabat-Zinn is offered at medical centers, hospitals, and health maintenance organizations.[1]